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July Buchanan Street Market

July 26, 2024 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CDT)


Join us in celebrating Belvidere's downtown businesses at the Buchanan Street Market! In 2024, we're focused on creating a family-friendly and inclusive market experience, showcasing the diverse offerings from our local vendors.

Vendor Requirements:

This registration secures a location for you during the event.  No tables, chairs, or tents will be provided. Space is limited. Please note that vendors need to bring their own electricity and their own equipment. Illinois Department of Revenue Sales Tax Number: Each producer is responsible for the reporting and payment of all required taxes resulting in sales at the Buchanan Street Strolls Agreement: The registered vendor hereby represents, warrants and agrees that he/she has read the rules and regulations of the Buchanan Street Strolls and agrees to follow these rules, including all provisions regarding insurance, waiver of liability, and indemnification as if those rules were set forth fully in this agreement. I understand that by issuing a permit, Belvidere is relying upon my representation and agreement to comply with each and every provision contained in those rules and regulations. I understand that I am committing to participating in Buchanan Street Strolls and will be present, rain or shine. I declare that I will abide by the decisions and directions of The City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce. I further declare that any and all edible products that I shall submit for sale are and shall be fit for human consumption. I understand and accept that I shall be solely and fully responsible for any and all activities conducted by me, my workers, and my employees. I understand that I will not be permitted to sell any products until I produce proper evidence of a Health Department certificate (if applicable) to the City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce. I understand and agree that any violation or falsification of this registration and agreement will result in a loss of the permit to sell my products at the Buchanan Street Strolls, with no refund. I certify that the statements contained on my application and this affidavit, are true. 1. All vendors for Buchanan Street Strolls must have their registration completed. 2. All registration fees must be paid prior to participation. 3. All vendors must move their vehicles off-site once set up is complete. 4. The vendor shall keep his or her equipment for transportation and display area sanitary, clean, and free of debris at all times with adequate protection against contamination. All vendors must supply their own equipment to remove waste from their area. The vendor must clean each area before departing. Not cleaning your area will result in a $30 fine. 5. Vendors must supply their own tables, tents, and other miscellaneous display items needed. Vendors are also responsible for properly securing their displays to withstand wind or adverse weather conditions. 6. Vendors must be set up and ready to sell by the opening of the Stroll. 7. Vendors must adhere to their assigned spaces. 8. All labels must comply with all applicable state and federal standards for labeling. 9. No unwholesome or spoiled foods may be offered for sale. 10. No hawking or crying out will be permitted. 11. All vendors will man their spaces at all times and conduct themselves in a courteous manner. 12. Each vendor shall be solely responsible to collect and pay, as required by law, the applicable sales tax payable to and collected by the Illinois Department of Revenue. 13. All vendors must act in compliance with all Health Department, City of Belvidere, and federal regulations. Enforcement of the rules: Vendors who occupy the spaces at these events must at all times conform to the Rules and Regulations listed above. The City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce has the authority to enforce all rules and regulations of the festival. In submitting an application for a space at the festival, each applicant agrees to be bound by the decision of The City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce and further agrees that the decision of The City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce shall be final. Upon refusal to abide by the determination of The City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce, the permit shall, at the sole and exclusive discretion of The City of Belvidere and the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce, be null and void. Vendor Participation and Definition: Vendors are those persons offer for sale, (1) articles for human consumption, (2) non-edible articles, such as cut or potted flowers, plants, textiles, and home-made crafts, (3) small business retail items, or (4) information and participation inquiries for local organizations. Several vendors may join together to sell each other’s products.

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Name: Lee Revels
Phone: (815) 544-4357
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